Each year, the Chatham Jaycees honor a long-time member who have dedicated countless hours to helping the chapter achieve our goals in giving back to the community. Below is a list of our worthy recipients!

Year Recipient
1993 Bruce Thompson & Mike Fahs
1994 Mark Workman
1995 Mark Enstrom
1996 Don Walner
1997 Tom Franke
1998 Mike Looker
1999 John Moore
2000 Dan Kerns
2001 Tom Merchant
2002 Pat McCarthy
2003 Dave Schall
2004 Bill Frank
2005 Karl Todt
2006 Steve Etheridge
2007 Mike Sprinkle
2008 Dave Grubb
2009 Doug Krones
2010 Ted Koester
2011 Glen Schmideler, Bob Brady, Terry Burke, Bob Flider, Jack Gooding, Ken Hoffman, Keith Rose, George Weber, Gene Wilken, Lee Winston
2012 Mark Reynolds
2013 Bill Spoor
2014 Rollo Saucier
2015 Greg Morris
2016 Maggie Moore